Windy City Auction Gallery holds weekly or biweekly auctions, accepting consignments big and small, from large estates all the way down to just one item. This includes but is not limited to cars, coins, antiques, guns, tools, recreational equipment, farm equipment and household items. We also hold a monthly cataloged auction, reaching a world of auction enthusiasts.  With the help of a new auction software program, Windy City has the ability to advertise their consignors' items to interested buyers all over the world. On top of the weekly/biweekly auctions and cataloged auctions, Windy City can do estate sales, farm auctions, and fundraisers anywhere in the state, as well as fundraising auctions, conference rentals, birthday party rental space, or conference space at the gallery. Give us a call today!

Estate Sales

An estate sale takes place when someone needs to liquidate an entire estate. We will sell anything from your pile of coffee cups to your car in the driveway or the art on the walls. We are able to do this either at the gallery or in an on-site auction. We will stage the auction, lot and describe each item, and list them online opening up your auction to the entire world.


You don’t need a trailer load to consign with us. If you have that one item that is just in your way let us take care of selling it.

Online Auctions

We are able to upload all of our auctions online with the click of a button. Bidders form all over the world are able to start bidding on the items weeks in advance of the auction date up until the time it goes on the auction block. Once on the auction block, the bidders can bid in real time with the floor bidders in the gallery.

Charity Auctions

Windy City can come into a fundraiser and auction off your live auction items. Having a live auctioneer at your fundraiser adds a whole new level of fun and can really get your guests to ready to spend. On top of auctioning, we are able to MC, freeing up the event organizers to mingle with their guests.

Venue Rental

Windy City will rent out our Gallery to for birthday parties, conferences, fundraisers, and more. This includes the use of the front room, our sound system, and display monitor. Our gallery space is 2500 square feet and can be set up with or without a stage. There is a large service sink with counter space and a bathroom included.