The Selling Process

If you are looking to sell and item or estate, contact us and we will set up a time for you to either bring your item in or for us to go check it out on site. At that time we will discuss the best way to auction the consignments and which auction your items might sell best at. After a consignment form is signed we will begin the process of listing and advertising the consignments.


The Buying Process

There are two ways that bidders can participate in an auction; the traditional way or online. The traditional way is to come in to the gallery, register for a bid card, and enjoy the live auction in front of you.


If you are not a morning person or have somewhere else to be, you can register by clicking HERE and bid online. Here you are able to bid on items a week before the live auction starts all the way up to the time is sells on the auction block.


If technology isn't your thing then there are still more options. You can put in an absentee bid, giving us permission to bid in your place up to your highest price. You can also request to be a phone bidder. Just before the item is to go up on the auction block a member of our staff will call you on your phone and will be your voice in the crowd, bidding up to your highest dollar. All auctions will have a week-long preview time, giving bidders ample time to visit the items they are interested in in person.



Whether you're a buyer who lives out of the area or a local seller who needs help transporting your items to our gallery, Windy City is able to meet all of your long distance shipping and local transport needs. Click below to contact us for more information.